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I guess this should be mentioned... or perhaps not!

A chapter is included in the book regarding the idea that all the moon landings were a hoax. If you are not yet convinced that it really happened, please do study the website 

This will give you all the correct answers rather than guesses as the conspiracy people do. They never give figures, carry out true-to-life experiments, ask real experts or observe the world around them in a realistic manner. They stay at a keyboard researching nonsense that other lazy people have posted. Please don't get caught up in this and other similar conspiracies. Life is far too short to waste!

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Gene Cernan, the Lunar Rover / Apollo 17 / 1972.. For Real !!!

Others say that even satellites are fake too. They just need to step away from their computer and take a look at the real sky. They will see the satellites criss-crossing majestically across the starry night hour after hour; the world over.

The moon landing hoax?