​​Satellite Spotting & Operations Handbook

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In this age of self publishing, it is easy to produce all kinds of nonsense and get it out to the world. You Tube is the ultimate platform that such people use. Please don't get dragged in to this scene and avoid it before your head starts to spin and your blood pressure rises. I have been involved to try to get some of it off the internet but such people are locked into their own little fantasy world and continue to ignore reality. 

If you just search for 'Fake Satellites' on You Tube, you will see a never ending list of total dribble. Not one of these people will ever drag themselves away from their computer and explore real science. They just need to attend an astronomy club, visit a space centre, observe the real night sky or best of all purchase my book. The correct answer is there for all to see. 

I was going to avoid this subject, but here are some examples of how these people think...